Want to donate precious time to improving lives, where your skills are needed most?

We believe that access to quality education and healthcare are human rights, not privileges.

Our projects, based in some of the world’s most deprived slum areas in India and Kenya, partner with local NGOs providing education, healthcare and community development initiatives to help people trapped in the cycle of poverty. They need your help.

  • School projects: educate and empower by teaching English

We fund schools in Mumbai and Jaipur for the many illiterate children seeing opportunities passing them by. We need English teachers to support our existing full time teaching staff, by following the English curriculum, adding their own twist and inspiring children to love learning. Watch a world of opportunities unfold for them, and for you too.

  • Skill-sharing: give a life-changing gift by teaching what you do best

From arts, crafts and sports, to constructing, cooking and event organising, if you have a skill to share which will help enrich the lives of our community members in Mumbai, Jaipur or Nairobi – through self-employment or sheer happiness – we’re sure your experience will be as rewarding as theirs will be.

  • Health clinic support: help distribute or administer medicine to many in need

Our partner’s mobile health clinics treat conditions ranging from eczema and common colds, to leprosy and tuberculosis. Working in low risk environments, we value the contribution and dedication of our medical volunteers.

If you’re over the age of 18, with a drive to make a difference by teaching, providing medical support, or sharing valuable life skills – why not spend a minimum of two weeks in Mumbai, Jaipur or Nairobi learning about local culture whilst giving something back to communities?

Our Partners

  • Lok Seva Sangam (LSS) in Mumbai is a voluntary agency, dealing with health, education and community development.  It works in Mankhurd and Chunabhatti slums but its main programmes are in Baiganwadi in the Govandi district.  Its office is in Sion and it has about 50 staff members, most of them community members living in the slums. Loksevasangam
  • Mukuru Promotion Centre (MPC) in Nairobi is a voluntary agency providing early childhood development and education, secondary education, vocational skills, social rehabilitation and health services Nairobi’s Mukuro community. mercymukuru.co.ke