Please read the terms and conditions before completing the application. You must understand everything written here before becoming a volunteer.

1.Please complete the application form and submit it. By submitting the application form you certify the accuracy of the information provided.

2.Your acceptance onto the project is on the understanding that you realise that you will be living and working with a partner NGO in a developing country. This could be at times uncomfortable. You accept that services and facilities such as running water, electricity, air conditioning and other home comforts may not be available overseas. You agree to perform whatever work is reasonably assigned to you by the NGO.

3.We will ensure that your living accommodation is of a reasonable condition by local standards but you must accept that it is impossible for us to guarantee that accommodation will be to the standards you are used to at home. You agree to abide by any rules and regulations set down by your hosts.

4.You must agree to abide by the laws for currency exchange and drug regulations of the country you are visiting. You also agree to abide by the terms and conditions of all carriers concerned.


5.SlumAid will not accept any responsibility for any illness, accident or loss, weather conditions, fire, civil or military disturbance, criminal activity, industrial action, border closures, government intervention or force majeure. These conditions are beyond the control of SlumAid.

6.Please note that there is no free health service in some of the locations in which SlumAid works and we cannot guarantee your personal safety or health.

7.We would strongly advise you to take tablets for malaria (in India, Nairobi).


8.It is compulsory to obtain adequate travel insurance to cover personal accident, medical and hospital expenses and repatriation.

Starred fields are mandatory