Our Mission

To enable people to make a practical and lasting difference to the lives of others, through volunteering.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world in which everyone has the right to health, education and participation; where everyone can fulfil their potential – through the valuable vehicle of volunteering.

From London to Mumbai, SlumAid was born from a desire to create change for those struggling against the tide of poverty, found in such concentration within India’s slums.

SlumAid’s first volunteers were struck by a surprising truth when visiting some of India’s poorest communities. Children as young as five were learning how to make less than a penny in street crime, begging and litter-picking; when every passing second could be spent learning how to lift themselves from the cycle of destitution – through quality education.

SlumAid wanted to help break this cycle, by building a community of the young – and young at heart – driven to make a difference through volunteering. Over a decade and hundreds of helping hands later, SlumAid supports volunteers as they stay and work with local partnership NGOs to make worthy contributions to their projects; whether healthcare initiatives, English teaching or enterprise crafts.

Charging nothing for administration or overheads, and having expanded from Mumbai to Jaipur, and to Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, SlumAid is the ultimate volunteer matchmaker between project and person, facilitating learning across cultures, geographies and backgrounds.

SlumAid’s aims and objectives are to:

  • Work with local NGOs on programmes to improve conditions for slum dwellers.

  • Enhance life opportunities for slum dwellers through education and qualifications.

  • Improve the heath of slum dwellers through disease control and better nutrition.

  • Give volunteers a unique experience of working in areas of extreme poverty and deprivation.

Since its formation, SlumAid volunteers have funded and physically contributed to many community projects. By enabling sustainable projects and facilities, focusing on key areas such as education, child welfare, primary healthcare, health education, and employment skills, SlumAid supports communities in creating better opportunities and scope for further development.

We currently finance English language classes in Mumbai and Jaipur and contribute towards the salaries of English language teachers. Volunteers supplement the teaching.

Charity details

SlumAid is a project of The New Millennium Network

Charity Registration number: 1063494

Management Structure

Our Trustees/Management Committee:

Krishna Maharaj – Director of an NGO

Anthony Fernandes – Manager of a tenant organisation

Nadine Fry – Independent Social Worker

Vilma Redican-Elliott – Consultant/Interim Manager

Louis Julienne – Author and Journalist

Raj Khalid – Chief Executive of a housing association

Alex Durham – Former volunteer

The Trustees meet from time to time to manage the project, review progress and provide on-going support to the Hon Director and Hon Administrator.


Giulia Pepe – Hon. Director

Tony Soares – Hon. Secretary to Board of Trustees

Lizzie Godfrey – Contact for Parva School